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Just the Facts

Civilized is an improvised dark comedy sci-fi podcast recorded in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

It’s a full-cast audio fiction series with 12 episodes planned per season. Each episode will be approximately 12-15 minutes in duration.

The series debuted on June 12, 2019. Season 2 began in January 2020.


Humanity’s final hope lies in terraforming a new world. A fleet of engineering ships are sent in advance of the colony ships sure to follow in their wake. But one lone ship becomes separated from the fleet and crash lands on an alien planet.

Awards & Recognition

T.O. WebFest: Official Selection, 2020 – link
The Webby Awards: Webby Honoree in Podcasts: Scripted (Fiction), 2020 – link


As this show is improvised, the cast on each episode is responsible for creating the show you hear. There are no writers. Everything is done via improvisation in the studio. See each episode listing for a list of the improvisers.

The show stars and is improvised by Kristi Boulton, Michael Divinski, Phil Johnston, Tyra Banda and Sean Howard. Audio engineering, music and sound design by Eli Hamada McIlveen.

The show was originally conceived and workshopped by Kristi Boulton, Michael Divinski and Sean Howard.

The opening narration and closing credits are performed by Marisa King and Michael Howie.

The artwork for the show is by David Demaret. Logo is by Kristi Boulton.

Civilized is produced by Sean Howard and Eli Hamada McIlveen. A Fable and Folly Production.


We set out to create a piece of entertainment that would honour and support the following core values: 

  • Kindness to others
  • Provide a platform for under-represented voices
  • Support truth
  • Be a safe space.

Listener Funded

Civilized is entirely listener funded and would not exist without the support of our amazing fans. Our patrons get exclusive access to bonus episodes and early access to new episodes at:

Press Materials

Promotional video:

Access show artwork, cast photos, past releases, and more on our Press Google Drive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the show truly improvised?
Yes! We start with nothing but an offer: a statement or idea from which to begin improvising. In our case this is usually a show title like “The one where the Captain loses something important.” That’s all we have to go on. Someone begins the scene with a line of dialogue and we are off and running. We do some minor editing, such as where a cast member shouts “Cut to…” or “Scene!” 

Q. Will there be transcripts available for the episodes?

Q. Will you have guests?
Yes! We are working to bring in guest improvisers who will introduce us to something about this alien world. This will be fully improvised. These guests will likely be for a single episode or two, but may return in future episodes.,

What People are Saying

Short and snappy and darkly humorous. There are no bones made about the horrors of deep space and flaws of humanity, but it's all done through captivating and extreme absurdism.
Elena Fernández Collins
Radio Drama Revival
Civilized is smart, funny, and darkly delightful — the very best kind of sci-fi improv.
Sarah Rhea Werner
Girl in Space Podcast
I'm deeply invested in the survival of this funny little crew.
Erik Saras
Hilarious! Turn it on and feel the rain pour over you!
Russ More
Dumbgeons and Dragons
Civilized has the laughs per minute of a good night out and a plot that develops as fast as flesh melting in acid rain.
Mottel Z.
I laughed so hard! It's fun and hilarious!
My ears have been colonized by the hilarity of Civilized. This improvised sci-fi comedy will terraform your dull commute.
Graham Rowat
Voice, TV and Broadway Actor
I just can’t wait for another episode!
Tedimus Prime
United States

Main Cast and Crew

Kristi Boulton


Kristi Boulton is a multi-hat wearing creative living in Ontario. When she’s not voice acting or improving with her troupe The Understudies, she’s playing with puppets or reading her favourite books for the 15th time.

Kristi plays Beatrix. 

She has been performing in some capacity for 10+ years, but really found her passion in comedy and improv. She also brings that creative energy to her day-job as a graphic designer and videographer.

Michael Divinski


Michael has been improvising his whole life, but didn’t figure out you could do it on stage until 2014. Now you can see him performing with his improv troupes The Understudies as well as Executive Indecision in the Hamilton area.

Michael plays Bartholomew.

Michael also designs and manages multiple escape room ventures in Ontario. Fortunately for participants, he doesn’t improvise these.

Tyra Banda


Tyra is a black, queer artist from Edmonton, Alberta who is currently residing in Toronto, ON. She got her start in improv in 2014 when she joined the University of Alberta Improv Group, and she fell in love from the first scene! Since then, she has  gotten to perform improv all of the country including in Vancouver, Winnipeg and internationally in Seattle as well.  She was in Rapid Fire Theatre until 2019, and is currently studying Comedy Writing and Performance at Humber College. 

Tyra plays The Captain in Season 4. 

She is also now part of the Main stage Narrative Team at Improv College and does weekly shows with Bad Dog Theatre. We are so excited to have her join the crew and can’t wait for you all to hear her magic.

Phil Johnston


Phil plays AL and is an improviser and actor living in Canada. He performs at Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto and is a fixture of the improv community.

Phil plays Alberta and Al. 

Sean Howard

Improviser and Producer

Sean is a recovering juggler, and has dabbled in theatre as both a performer and a lighting designer. Today he oversees a number of shows at Fable and Folly Productions with his life partner, Eli Hamada McIlveen. He is also a member of the improv troupe Executive Indecision.

Sean plays Bob and is one of the producers of the show. 

Sean brings his 20+ years of marketing and advertising experience to every Fable and Folly production. When he isn’t co-directing, writing or improvising on stage, he can be found in tears trying to coordinate recording schedules with cast members.

Eli Hamada McIlveen

Producer, Sound Designer, Engineer

Eli has been recording strange noises since he first “borrowed” his dad’s cassette player as a kid. He spent five years at CKMS-FM (University of Waterloo) producing a sketch comedy series, and later, a weekly radio theatre showcase. Since then he’s been sound designer for a raft of theatre productions in Toronto. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario with Sean, his partner of 19 years.

Eli oversees recording, post-production and does all the sound design and music composing for the show.

Mbula Enobong


Mbula Enobong is an unapologetic black woman from many corners of the world, but has developed versatility as an actress through consistent engagement in the arts.

Mbula played the Captain in Season 1.

In her spare time she used poetic flow and hip hop music to let others see life through her eyes. She brightened the lives of so many people and used dance therapy to heal herself and empower others through movement.

Mbula Enobong passed away in 2020 and we will forever feel the loss.

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