Episodes: Masonry

We survived the Fringe!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came to see us at the Hamilton Fringe Festival. We had a blast putting on our first live show, and we will definitely be doing it again once we recover! Thanks also to our special guests – Michael Howie, Hannah Gallant, Alan Belerique, Aaron Boyd, Brie Watson, Jonathan Sconza...

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See Civilized live at Hamilton Fringe!

Tickets are on sale now! Civilized: A Live Podcast Experience July 22–31, 2022 The Staircase Studio Theatre (aka the Main Stage) 27 Dundurn St. N., Hamilton, Ontario

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Presenting: The Amelia Project (with crossover sketch!)

Beatrix leads Bob and Bartholomew to a strange booth she found in the wilderness. It’s time to introduce you to one of our favourite shows: The Amelia Project! Recently our cast gathered to record a “short intro” that turned into a full-on mini-crossover. You’ll hear that scene here along with Episode 17 of TAP, “Bartholomew...

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413: Bunker

The crew arrive at the emergency bunker to find more questions than answers.

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412: Mutiny

Two weeks out from the base, Robert is ripped, Bartholomew and Al are introspective, and the Captain and Beatrix are at odds.

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411: Beatrix

With Beatrix finally back from her harrowing adventure, the crew are overjoyed and absolutely no one is acting weird.

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410: Mission

The crew are looking for meaning – or just ways to pass the time.

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409: Birthday

The crew get ready to celebrate.

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408: Reiteration

Captain tries to rally the crew to go and find Beatrix – but Bartholomew is nowhere to be found.

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407: Bodies

While Beatrix continues on her predecessor’s trail, the rest of the crew pry into one another’s lives.

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406: Kraal (with Liz Anderson)

The Captain leads the crew on an expedition to find Beatrix – who has just stumbled on a mysterious building in the wilderness.

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405: Gossip

While Beatrix sets out on a journey to find answers, Al and the Captain bond, and the others do their best to distract one another.

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