Episodes: Masonry

405: Gossip

While Beatrix sets out on a journey to find answers, Al and the Captain bond, and the others do their best to distract one another.

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404: Captain

Beatrix encounters a mysterious figure outside the base.

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403: Brothers

Al wrestles with eternal questions. Beatrix gets a little too comfortable. Bartholomew tries his hand at engineering. Robert revives an old tradition.

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402: Sweaters

Al tries to come to terms with his digital existence. Bartholomew and Beatrix try to get used to Robert. Robert tries to get used to his new arm.

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401: Return

What went down on the base all those years ago? Beatrix, Bartholomew and Bob all try to make sense of Al’s story.

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312: Purge

Beatrice and Robert are tasked with enforcing a brutal new protocol on the base – only to find themselves under siege from a new threat.

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311: Battles

As she faces down hordes of “misfires” in the lower levels, Beatrice gets more help than she wants.

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310: Misfires

Deep below the base, Barty, Robert and Alberta try to locate Beatrice while she faces down her former teammates.

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309: Hallowmass

While the base crew celebrates a new amalgamated holiday, Beatrice discovers that their scientific research has gone terribly wrong.

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308: Bartopoly

The crew take a break to play some board games.

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307: Therapy (with Nicole Passmore)

A mysterious new staff therapist joins the crew at the base. This episode is dedicated to our Captain and friend, Mbula Enobong.

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306: Reminiscences

Al takes a trip through his memory banks.

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