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110: Mud

Bartholomew and Beatrix keep themselves busy building a shelter, while Bob tries to locate them with the help of his newly discovered power armour. We’ve got a secret Civilized project on the way in mid-October! Be the first to hear about it by joining our mailing list. And Sean and Eli will be at PodTales...

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111: Nnhoh

No ship. No mission. No schedule. Barty’s taking it easy, and Bob is worried. Meanwhile, Beatrix makes a discovery by the river. This episode is brought to you by Fiction Podcast Weekly! And a reminder that Sean and Eli will be at PodTales in Boston on October 20th. Come and say hello! Starring Kristi Boulton,...

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112: Adapting

The Season 1 finale! Bob tries to save Beatrix, while Bartholomew negotiates with the enigmatic Nnhoh. Civilized will return in January with Season 2. In the meantime, check out our interactive adventure, featuring 90 minutes of audio and eight unique endings! Set prior to the events of Season 1, this story puts you in control,...

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