An interactive story where you play the alien, AlbaskaTheUnderAppreciated.

Every day a new report arrives from your progeny via interstellar email. This message will include an audio file of the story leading up to a decision point. The choices you transmit back determine what happens next. There are over 20 episodes of backstory and eight unique endings.

Civilized is an improvised dark comedy sci-fi story. SPOILER WARNING: This tells the story of the crew's first encounter in transit before episode one. Listen to the first season here.

Content Warning: episodes contain body horror, death, gore, and violence.

We are AlbaskaTheUnderAppreciated. A shiver runs through us. We are named.

We have assimilated our brethren. And theHive have rightly awarded us with the rights of name and offspring.

We are unlike the rest. We are not complacent. We will not be found tending elders in the solar gardens; our offspring have been sent into the great emptiness to spread among the stars.

Our tendrils flush and vibrate as offspring reports arrive. Recombinant.32 to be exact. We always did have high hopes for that one.

*** incoming transmission from AlbaskaTheUnderAppreciated.Recombinant.32 ***

Our progeny appears to have boarded a vessel and made first contact.

*** audio log from AlbaskaTheUnderAppreciated.Recombinant.32 ***

Our progeny is confused and wishes guidance.

Time is of the essence.

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